World War was a server on the latest Boxhead game, Boxhead: Bounty Hunter. It was created by RadicalRadiation, who also created the World War Teams I server. It took place in the Squaresville place on Boxhead: Bounty Hunter.


The server was the kind of one where you would see in a World War, so in this server the first person to come onto it would have to ask people what country and they would answer with their country's name. e.g; America If any person doesn't answer they would be banned by that equaling the server would turn into a private one. If that does happen that person could still go onto the server so that means they would have to wait until another day to turn the server to private. Anyone could play.



  • RadicalRadiation:

Specialty: AK-47

Always: Pistol

Rare: Grenade Launcher


  • Wilsonchia14:

Specialty: Flamer

Always: Dual Uzis

Rare: Plasma Cannon

  • D3ath.c0mes:

Specialty: AK-47

Always: Shotgun

Rare: Magnum