Dual Uzi (BBH) Edit

Dual Uzi (BBH Edited)

Here is a Picture of Dual Uzi,this is the 2nd Weapon used in BBH. This Dual Uzi is an Auto-Fire But 1 Bullet Per 1 Uzi.This is the Most Used weapon of Noob Players.This Weapon is also a deadly weapon if you learn how to use it.This Weapon is also featured at Boxhead Series.You Want this weapon to be useful go to Youtube and Search "Boxhead Bounty Hunter Death Spin" . More Info Will be Realeased Soon...

Shooting Uzi (BBH Edited)

Here is a Firing Uzi Picture By Pvt.Spectre X ------------------------------------------------------------------>

Dual Uzi Stats (By Pvt.Spectre) Edit

Damage - Low

Rate of Fire - Fast

Max Ammo - 250

Cost - $6500

Note:Need More Info about Dual Uzi Please PM Pvt.Spectre on BBH! (If His Online) Edit