Charge Pack is a manually controlled bomb hidden inside a letter envelope. The bomb is most likely Claymore, except can only be placed once and doesn't trigger unless the player triggers the bomb. Place it by clicking space button and clicking it again to detonate. Charge Pack is unlocked at Kill Counter 55 in Boxhead: 2Play Rooms. It is also called a "C-4" in BBH (Boxhead: Bounty Hunter).

Trivia Edit

  • If you want to plant more than one charge pack check this list out:

1.) First you plant the Charge Pack (Anywhere you like is fine)

2.) Switch to another weapon (Any weapon is also fine)

3.) Switch back to Charge Pack

4.) Voila! You are now able to plant another Charge Pack without detonating the first

5.) Want More? Repeat the steps on how to!

  • They are essential against Devils