Boxhead: (A Halloween Special) was released on October 27,2006 .This is the 1st Boxhead game ever created by seancooper.

Original Description:

This is the first Boxhead game. It was released as "A Halloween Special," but it definitely stands on it's own as a full-length high-quality game.

In Boxhead - A Halloween Special, Boxville has been overrun by zombies! It's up to you to lead the town's civilians to safety while defending them from the zombie onslaught! Luckily, you'll find several types of weapons along the way to help you keep the zombies at bay.

Carefully make your way through the town to find all of the civilians, and have them follow you to the evacuation point. Not only do you need to keep yourself from being killed by the hordes of zombies along the way, but you also need to keep the civilians safe as you make your way to the evac point. This isn't an easy job, since the civilians have a tendency to wander off or get scared and run away.


John Bambo - A Zombie exterminator and only playable chraracter


Rescue and evacuate all the civilians before they become one of the infected

Enemies or Monsters

Zombies - Main enemies

Devil - Devil may appear as I think


Boxville - Town of boxhead civilians where was overruned by zombies


Civilians - They are the last survivors hiding in their houses