Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Edit

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is the first game that was added with New Enemies & Weaponry! Only playable character is John Bambo.This is the first game with Turrets & New Enemies!

Zombie Types Edit

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Zombies Main Article: Zombies

Zombies are the most common, slow, and weakest. They are hard to avoid, especially in groups, alone they are not much of a threat.

Devils Edit

Main Article: Devils

Devils appear less commonly than any other zombie. They shoot fire across the screen. They are the strongest enemies in the whole game. His fire can pass through Barricades that you put up as shields. They can do massive damage each shot. He can always kill his minions when you have evaded & mistakenly shot to an enemy.

Runners Edit

Main Article: Runners

Runners are fast, and do medium damage. They can run, and go faster than you can. It is hard to avoid them, but easy to kill. They appear in normal zombie clothing, but bloodier.

Vampires Edit

Main Article: Vampires

Vampires teleports where ever you are but it slightly dies slower than runners.Sometimes they are able to heal themselves.

Mummies Edit

Main Article: Mummies

Mummies are dangerous once you get closer to them they will be able to spawn right next to you.