==Boxhead 2 Play (Weapons)==                 

1.Pistol-Pistol could be useful for last enemies for you that you cannot loose othere ammo for other weapons.

2.Uzi-Uzi is useful for defending your self against Devils. But, as the game becames harder, this just become a pistol with a really fast fire rate.

3.Shotgun-Shotgun is most useful in fighting in corners and defeating an army of Zombies.

4.Barrel-Barrel is use full to block enemies,Fire your pistol after covering enemies,Fire your pistol directly at the barrel to explode the zombies. However, the devil can shoot fireballs and explode the barrels, which can lead to the player's death.

5.Grenade-Grenade can be useful against many zombies to explode those zombies. This weapon also can damage the player.

6.Fake Walls-Fake walls are useful for blocking the enemies.

7.Claymore-Claymore is useful to explode zombies too. However, if you were inside of claymore's explosion range, this weapon can kill a player.

8.Rockets-Rocket is useful to explode thousands of zombies. Also, this weapon can damage oneself if you was in the range of it's explosion.

9.Charge Pack-Charge Pack is like a claymore but you are going to click 'Space (only in default)' to activate the bomb to explode.

10.Rail Gun-Rail gun is a gun that looks like a laser which you can kill a line of zombies.

Boxhead 2 Play (Weapon Upgrades)Edit

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Boxhead 2

Picture Of Boxhead Upgrades

Writed Upgrades:

Pistol+:Fast Fire

Pistol+:Double Damage

Uzi+:Rapid Fire

Uzi+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Fast Fire

Shotgun+:Double Ammo

Uzi+:Long Shot

Barrel+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Wide Shot

Barrel+:Big Bang

Grenade+:Cluster Explode

Shotgun+:Long Shot

Barrel+:Quad Ammo

Fake Wall+:Double Ammo

Uzi+:Quad Ammo

Shotgun+:Quad Ammo

Grenade+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Rapid Fire

Barrel+:Bigger Bang

Grenade+:Big Bang

Claymore+:Cluster Explode

Uzi+:Double Damage

Shotgun+:Wider Shot

Grenade+:Quad Ammo

Fake Wall+:Quad Ammo

Claymore+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Double Damage

Grenade+:Bigger Bang

Claymore+:Big Bang

Rocket+:Fast Fire

Uzi+:Infinite Range

Claymore+:Bigger Bang

Charge Pack+:Cluster Explode

Claymore+:Quad Ammo

Rocket+:Double Ammo

Charge Pack Double Ammo

Rocket+:Big Bang

Charge Pack+:Big Bang

Charge Pack+:Quad Ammo

Rail Gun+:Fast Fire

Rail Gun+:Double Ammo

Rocket+:Quad Ammo

Uzi+:Quad Damage

Charge Pack+:Bigger Bang

Rail Gun+:Rapid Fire

Rocket+:Bigger Bang

Rail Gun+:Quad Ammo

Rocket+:Rapid Fire

Rail Gun+:Long Shot

Maps Edit

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• Gladiator

• Strip

• Tight

• Columns

• Castle

• Big Boxy

• Recty

• Patchy

• Forest Box

• Tight 2

● Massive ( Only)

● Thin Line ( Only)

● 4 Castles ( Only)

● The Strips ( Only)

● Big One ( Only)

• Boxy

• Buttons

• Mazey

Where to play Edit

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